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Update to 10.2.7 Dark Heart

1 month ago

Dear Players!

The server has been updated to version 10.2.7 (54988) titled "Dark Heart". This update includes numerous fixes and improvements.

Here is a summary of the new features:

  • New story quest chains.
  • Improved population.
  • Enhanced server stability.
  • Bel'ameth: Embrace of the Goddess, a much-needed kaldorei haven where they can find long-awaited peace and solace. This new night elf settlement is located near the Ohn’ahran Plains on the Dragon Isles. It rests beneath the branches of the new world tree, Amirdrassil.
  • Belanaar: A new night elf port in Amirdrassil. The dock will function similarly to the harbor outside Teldrassil, with ships transporting players to various night elf-related locations.
  • The Return of Gilneas: King Greymane is ready to reclaim his kingdom, but Gilneas is not as empty as expected. Help reclaim the lost lands and restore the kingdom to the Gilneans.
  • New character appearance options: Get creative with your character's appearance!
  • Updated models and animations for some mounts.
  • Guild Interface: Previously, the guild interface on our server did not function at all, but now it is available.
  • Dragon Customization: Riders will not only be able to fly their dragons across the Dragon Isles, but also customize their appearance, choosing from a variety of options. Although less extensive than player character options, there will still be plenty of choices to personalize your personal transport. Unfortunately, manuscripts are not implemented at this time.

IMPORTANT! Connecting to the game world.

To play on our server, your client version must be 10.2.7 (54988). You can download the minimal client via this link or use the full client.

P.S. Since this is a major update, the server may experience occasional instability, and some working quests, mechanics, and other features might have stopped functioning.

We wish you an enjoyable game!


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