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2 months ago

πŸ”₯ Dear friends, as you know very well, our project has been operating for a year and a half without donations. But many of you have offered to introduce voluntary donations to the project, which I incredibly appreciate and which gives us the strength to move forward. Now you have such an opportunity, which is completely voluntary. ⚑ We have updated our website, and now we have a full-fledged user panel on the site, which has the following functionality: β€” Referral system (invite active friends to our server and get bonuses for it). β€” Voting (now you have the opportunity to vote for our server, thereby promoting it. As a thank you, you will receive bonuses to your account). β€” Donations (now you can support our project and get bonuses for it, which can be spent in the store and gift roulette). β€” Promo code system (in the future we will hold various events and competitions, for winning which you can win a promo code that will give you a unique reward). β€” Character teleportation. If your character is stuck, you can exit the game and use teleport. To enter your personal account, you need to use the password recovery function. This applies to all accounts that were registered before the introduction of the personal account. Share your opinion about our user panel, and if you find any flaws, report them to me in private messages. Remember that your help is invaluable and thanks to you our project is only getting better. πŸ’™

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